About the event

31st SPAR Budapest Marathon

Distances: marathon, 30 km, Relay for 4, 10 km

Date: 9 October 2016

Planned future date: 15 October 2017

The biggest running event in Hungary with more than 27,000 participants from 80 countries. Runners from all over the world compete in the event and a great atmosphere prevails throughout the marathon weekend with plenty of additional events taking place including musical performances in a number of open-air venues.

Here is a short movie to help you to get more familiar with this event:

What can you expect?maraton_05

Over 28,000 runners on all the distances, a fantastic atmosphere and a celebration of running.

We’ll take care of you! How?

There will be a joint warm up before the race so you don’t start with cold muscles.

We want to make sure you have plenty of space to run, despite the high turnout, so we’ll stagger the start with runners leaving from separate zones at 5 to 6 minute intervals. You can find more on this in the race info.

There will be refreshments every 4 to 5 kilometers and there will of course be continuous medical supervision along the course.

Pacemakers will help you hit your desired tempo.

Having fun is just as important as running. So we’ll maintain several musical points along the course for your entertainment.

latkep_01OK, we talked about sightseeing, but what else is there?

Budapest is the spa capital with over 100 thermal springs beneath the city that supply the famous baths. You can try unique 16th and 17th century Turkish baths or the neo-baroque Széchenyi bath. More on this here.

Also unique to Europe are Budapest’s ruin pubs. Located in the city centre, this new function saved countless old, run down building from demolition. Their atmosphere is unusual, their style is retro and they revive socialist realist interior design. You can find more on them here.

Try out the best of Hungary’s cuisine, taste the world famous gulyás, pörkölt, rétes, and palacsinta.

If your stomach is sensitive, you may want to leave this for after the race:-)

hotoffer2_pic134Become part of Hungary’s world famous hospitality, run with us and test your shape!


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2015 Race report

Rain may have greeted the early birds but the course was quickly drying up by the time. Marathoners and 30K runners departed in ideal conditions, under an overcast sky and in 12-degree weather.
In the men’s race, Dániel Soós crossed the line first, also taking the top spot in the Hungarian national championship. Among women, Tímea Merényi was the first across the line, earning her a second victory in Budapest after taking top honors in 2012. In the Coca-Cola Wake Your Body 30K, the men’s race was won by a Norwegian while among the ladies, a Spanish runner took the top spot.
A combined 27,860 athletes from 80 countries competed in one of the distances at the 30th SPAR Budapest Marathon, a fantastic record for the event. The oldest Hungarian Marathon runner was 80-year-old György Kiss, who improved by 15 minutes from his time here last year.
The number of participants reached 27,800 which is a huge record in the Budapest Marathon’s history.

30th SPAR Budapest Marathon:
1. Dániel Soós (Bp. Honvéd SE) 2:25:18
2. Péter Jenkei (Vasas) 2:25:53
3. Ádám Izer (ELTE ADSK) 2:27:09
1. Tímea Krisztina Merényi (Bp. Honvéd SE) 2:45:08
2. Simona Juhász-Staicu (Dunakeszi VSE) 2:47:33
3. Zsuzsa Szabina Laluska (ELTE ADSK) 02:50:56

Coca-Cola Wake Your Body 30K:
1. Øystein Wergeland (Norway) 1:51:36
2. Attila Korpics (Knauf Insulation ZASZ SE) 2:00:17
3. Milán Gábor Szabó (Mátra Biatlon és Sífutó SE) 2:01:27
1. Vanessa Benavent (Spain) 2:10:45
2. Francesca Capobelli (Italy) 2:11:36
3. Orsolya Ottlakán (Sashegyi Gepárdok) 2:14:28