Attention! You cannot collect your BIB number without your Health Declaration Form, signed and filled in with all your data  

On 18 June 2020, the Government of Hungary decided emergency powers to end, which means that sporting events can be organized in Hungary without restrictions. Thus, with a few months’ delay, the sports season has started in Hungary, many running, cross-country, triathlon, and cycling events have already taken place in recent weeks.

Although the emergency is over, the epidemic is still not over. Therefore, we are temporarily introducing anti-COVID rules for the 35th SPAR Budapest Marathon.

  1. Filling in the Health Declaration Form
    In order to participate in the event, you will have to download, print the health declaration form, sign it, and fill in with your data.
    You will be able to collect your bib number by handing in this form at the Race Center.
    In the case of relay runners, all members have to download and print the form, sign, and fill in with their data.
    Download the form from here.
  2. Body temperature measurement before the race:
    There will be body temperature measurement at the entrance of the final start zone.
    If the measured value exceeds 37,5 ° C, unfortunately, you cannot start the event. In this case, your entry fee will be credited to your online BSI account without deduction, and you will be able to use it to register for any of our events until December 31, 2022.
  3.  BIB number pick-up
    • Please pick up your BIB number before the race day at the Race Center (same location)
    • When picking up your BIB number at the Race Center, please keep the right distance in the line.
    • Entering the Race Center can happen only by wearing a mask
  4. Pre-Race Pasta party:
    This year there will not be a pre-race pasta party before the race day.
  5. Changing rooms/Luggage storage/Shower:
    • If you can, come to the race with a running suit already on you. The weather is expected to be warm  (check the weather forecast here)
    • Spend as little time as possible in the changing rooms
    • If you are putting any packages in the luggage storage, you will get a wrist band, that you will have to put on your hand. You will be able to pick-up your package by showing the wrist band. Therefore, please try to not lose it!
    • If you don’t need to, please don’t use the services of the changing rooms and luggage storage
  6. Showers / massage:
    Due to the risk of infection, there will be no showers either massage at the race.
  7. Start area / Relay exchange zones:
    • Wearing a mask is compulsory when entering the start area or start zones and the relay exchange zones at all times during the race! After crossing the start line, however, you can put off your mask.
    • We would like to ask you not to drop the mask off on the ground. We recommend leaving it on your arms, as you may need to put on it again when entering the finishing area and picking up your Finisher’s medal. This area might be crowded. Drop off the mask to the recycle bins.
    • If you are not the first runner in the relay race, wearing a mask is compulsory when entering the relay exchange zones as well. After the relay, you can remove the mask when you start running.
      Enter the exchange zone only when your runner is already close to it. You can follow his/her position at during the race
  8.  Start
    • The runners will start in groups (a few hundred runners in a group at once) by keeping the right distance.
    • The start line will be divided into several start zones, where the groups will be formed.
    • Please stand in the starting zone that’s indicated on your BIB number!
  9. Refreshment during the race:
    • We will portion water and Iso drinks in a cup, which we will try to put in your hands at the refreshment stations.
    • We will portion banana, lemon, glucose in a little cup as well, but it will be put on the tables at the refreshment stations.
    • If you prefer a contact-free refreshment, please take care of your refreshment (food) for yourself if you need to, take it with you during the race.
    • No matter how hot the weather is, there won’t be any cooling sponges and water.
    • Should there be any queues at the water stations, please try to be as patient as possible.
  10. Finishers Medal:
    Finishers’ medals this time will not be placed on your neck. Race organizer colleagues will hand it over to you.
  11. Hand disinfection:
    Hand sanitizers will be exposed at several points. If you feel safer, use it. Of course, you can bring your own.
  12. Keep the distance:
    We want to ask you to pay attention to keeping the distance.
    This is not yet the place for traditional “ganging.” Don’t come out to the event place hours earlier, and don’t stay long after finishing the race as usual.
  13. Wearing a mask at the event:
    Wearing a mask is compulsory at the Race Center, start zones, and relay exchange zones. If you feel safer, wear it everywhere, as others may not wear the mask.
  14. Expected attitude at the event:
    Please act responsibly and follow our requests and the current COVID-19 regulations and recommendations of the government.
Attention! You cannot collect your BIB number without your Health Declaration Form, signed and filled in with all your data  

Thank you for your cooperation!
These are minimal changes, but the joy of completing the distance, the joy of reaching the finish line, is still yours.

We look forward to seeing you on 10-11 October at the race!

The above measures may change until the race day in line with the changes in the epidemic situation in Hungary.
Please check back and see if there’s an update.

Latest version: 09/23/2020