Get your unique finisher medal!

Publikálva: 2016. January 14.

Order now your medal insert engraved with your name and your result! By doing this you can skip the long queues and you don’t have to bother with cash. Buy it online and after the event we will send you the medal insert engraved with your name and time that fits neatly into the back of your finisher medal.
We will engrave your name and time to a small stick-on card. This small card will fit perfectly into the back of your finisher medal. You don’t have to bother with cash after the race and then stand in a long queue until your medal gets ready or you don’t have to send it elsewhere to make it engrave. We will make it for you and send it to your address. When you get it you can easily stick it onto the back of your medal and your unique medal is ready!
The medal insert can be ordered online at the  website.
The personal medal insert can only be ordered for those with an individual result.
The price of the medal insert with shipping and handling (to a foreign address) is 6€.

9th Lake Balaton Supermarathon for individual finishers- 27 March 2016

31st Telekom Vivicitta Spring Half Marathon for 21 km, 10 km, 7 km finishers  – 24 April 2016

21st Coca-Cola Wake Your Body Women’s Run for 10 km finishers – 29 May 2016

31st Wizz Air Budapest Half Marathon 21 km finishers – 18 September 2016

31st SPAR Budapest Marathon, Marathon and 30 km finishers – 16 October 2016