31st SPAR Budapest Marathon – Barilla Pasta Party

Publikálva: 2016. August 22.

You can take part in the Barilla Pasta Party by purchasing the ticket. It is free for entrants of SPAR Budapest Marathon®  and Coca-Cola Wake Your Body 30K (you can pick up your ticket by showing your bib). Date: 8th October, from 11:00 until 17:00Location: in the tent set up in Ötvenhatosok tereEntry fee: 1500 forints or 5 euros Barilla Pasta Party – the N°1 pasta in Italy!

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CHANGES TO THE PASTA PARTY: it will be free at the SPAR Budapest Marathon

Publikálva: 2015. September 21.

 Realizing that the announcement was made too late and accepting the opinion of a lot of a people, we are going to change our former decision and the pasta party will be free for individual entrants of the marathon and the 30K.   We have held a pasta party for the last 29 years of the history of the Budapest Marathon. The number of participants has increased substantially over the last couple of years, on the other hand, the proportion (max. 23%) and also the number of runners taking part in the pasta party is smaller and smaller. Therefore there …

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Pasta party tickets for 30th SPAR Budapest Marathon

Publikálva: 2015. August 5.

The pasta party will be held on 10th October from 11 am to 5 pm. Location: 56-osok tere (square), in a tent. Anyone can participate in the Pasta Party by purchasing a ticket. Prices of the Pasta Party tickets: – until 16th August 2015   4€ – between 17th August and 27 September 2015    5€ – on the spot  (in limited number)     6€   Pastas to choose from: pasta semolina/grits with jam (sweet) pasta with cheese sour cream (savoury) How to purchase a ticket: –          Tickets can be purchased online. Purchasing tickets can be done online at entry.budapestmarathon.com, …

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