Thank You For Your Participation!

Publikálva: 2020. October 14.

Congratulations On Your Performance And Thank You For Your Participation!


On Sunday, 11 October, on the second day of the 35th SPAR Budapest Marathon Festival, a total of 1.930 participants from the 3.500 registered runners stood at the start line of the classic Marathon race. It was a crucial race for the Hungarian professional runners as well, as the Hungarian National Championship was organized within the framework of the Spar Budapest Marathon.
Due to the pandemic, only a reduced number of foreign citizens represented the international field on the 2-day-long running event. All in all, a total of 11.700 runners registered, and more than 8.100 runners of them participated in a distance last weekend.
The Budapest Marathon’s course is one of the most beautiful and spectacular ones in Europe. It runs along the two banks of the Danube, through the Tunnel and the Margaret Island. Therefore, runners can enjoy the magnificent World Heritage panorama, meanwhile completing the races.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, unprecedented security measures have been introduced for the event this year. Participants could pick-up their start number at the event venue only after submitting a pre-filled and signed a Health Declaration Form and a body temperature measurement at the entrance of the Race Center.

Wearing a mask at the start zones was compulsory until crossing the start line. Runners were also asked not to throw away the masks afterward, but to take with themselves throughout the race and pick them up again at the finish line. The alignment of the refreshment points and the refreshment supply were also contact-free. Finally, hand sanitizers were installed at all crucial points in the Race Center.

The runners set off at 9:00 am in 13,8 degrees Celsius with a tremendous determination to overcome and complete the legendary 42,195-long distance.
Due to the organizer company’s safety measures, all races were started in 300-person waves at the event. Leading runners soon broke away from the others and then moved in a separate group. Runners could register for a total of 4 races – including the Marathon – on this day.

The official results of the 35th SPAR Budapest Marathon

Men’s category:

  1. Gáspár Csere (BEAC) 02:17:43
  2. Péter Jenkei (Vasas) 02:20:58
  3. Péter Nagy 02:33:24

Women’s category:

  1. Tünde Szabó (PVSK) 02:43:39
  2. Anita Ménes ( Tiszakécske VSE ) 02:47:32
  3.  3. Zsófia Virág- Erdélyi ( UTE) 02:49:45